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Reviews of ISP Hoof Wonder Ointment by professional farriers:

Certified Journeyman Farrier, Kirk Underschultz recommends ISP to his clients
& says the following about ISP Hoof Wonder Ointment:

"The iodine & sulfur contained in ISP are absorbed through the hoof wall & are
immediately available to bind the amino acids, cystine & methionine, thus promoting
keratinization within the hoof wall. ISP is the only product I know of that will
strengthen the hoof wall from the outside in, rather than from the top down, as in
feed supplements."
Kirk Undershultz, Certified Journeyman Farrier

ISP Hoof Wonder™ for your horses’ hooves...

Healthy Tubules = Healthy Hooves

When ISP Hoof Wonder™ is massaged into the hoof wall,

the special hydro-blend base releases vitamins A, E, and K, with minerals, anti-oxidants and natural fats into the hoof wall for a healthy hoof.

Nature designed the hoof wall to protect the inner, weight-bearing structures of the hoof. The tubule matrix in the hoof is responsible for maintaining the moisture balance and transporting a complex mixture of proteins necessary for a healthy hoof wall.

To see what the tubule matrix looks like, the next time your horse’s hooves are trimmed, look at the hoof side of the trimming. In a healthy hoof, you will notice a number of moist, oval tubes and the connective tissue between the tubes. This is the tubule matrix, which is the hoof wall.

Lymph fluid, containing a complex mixture of proteins, generally thought to be water, is transported by the tubule matrix throughout the hoof wall.

When the hoof is trimmed, the tubule matrix is exposed, this allows the lymph fluid to leave the hoof and sole.

As the lymph fluid leaves the hoof, a protective barrier is formed to reseal the tubules, stopping the moisture loss and preventing the environmental toxins from entering the hoof. This is a naturally occurring process, as the tubule matrix constantly supplies lymph fluid to the outer wall of the hoof , for moisture, proteins and to flush toxins out of the hoof wall.

To understand what happens when the tubule matrix is damaged or impaired, take the trimming from your horse’s hoof and put it in a safe, dry place. The next day, you will notice that the hoof trimming has begun to curl, crack and dry out. This is because the lymph fluid is no longer available to the hoof trimming.

The tubule matrix is easily damaged by the following:

1. Environmental conditions (too wet or too dry)

2. Extended riding, showing , racing, trailering or long periods in a stall which increase the stress on the tubule matrix.

3. Hoof dressings that seal the hoof and contain toxic ingredients and

heavy oils that interfere with the natural flow of lymph fluid through

the tubule matrix, causing the hoof wall to deteriorate; therefore, allowing toxins to enter the hoof.


Apply ISP Hoof Wonder™ as directed for a strong, natural healthy hoof.


1. If the coronary band looks dry and flaky or is wet (with a white,

rubbery look), massage Hoof Wonder™ into the entire hoof wall.

2. After your horse is trimmed or shod, massage Hoof Wonder™ into the hoof wall, filling the old nail holes. Apply Hoof Wonder™ the next 3 days to restore the moisture and proteins to the hoof.

3. In cases of founder or laminitis, apply Hoof Wonder™ daily.

4. In case of injury, abcesses, gravels or deterioration of the hoof wall, apply Hoof Wonder™ daily. For injury, bandage, if necessary.

5. The day before showing, racing or trailering, apply Hoof Wonder™.

6. When applying Hoof Wonder™, massage into the entire hoof wall, including the bulbs of the hoof.

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